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RADII has built Health Economics functionality. Like the Reg Affairs part of the system, it is essentially a project management tool, to manage multiple submissions and track workload, status of projects, historic data such as previous submissions, pricing, economic analysis etc. There is a section for submissions costs. A number of management reports, some customisable, are shown below the screens

The main products and formulations screen allows users to select records

First select a brand (product), then a formulation.



Once a formulation has been found, all its related pricing submissions are shown in a drop down list.


The pricing submission screen has 5 tabs - the first is the Product Tab, which shows the products and formluations for this submission
Pack data is stored on the second tab, including some pricing fields

PBAC, RPRC or Hospital submission data is on the third tab.

The small buttons by fields allow document links to be entered - incoming documents need to be scanned, outgoing one are simply the files they were created from, eg MS Word. The system can thus be used a document management system.


The fourth tab covers pricing data, including linked documents
The final tab has 6 text fields, for descriptive data

The system has a number of built in reports, four of which are shown on this page.

This report show similar data to the first, again for pricing submissions
The system has the ability to store submission costing, eg consultants, fees etc, and this report shows a summary of costs per submission
Some reports have search parameters, where the user enters say Product and Submission Type and a summary of all records appears

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